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The Yard Gang (26 Names)

See some photos of the Traverser Gang on Gallery Page 6

Christian Name Surname Trade Notes  
Big Fred ? Traverser Driver Traverser Gang  
Eric ? Traverser Driver Traverser Gang  
Peter Bannell   Foreman  
Steve Cadet For Lift Driver Yard  
Bob Chapman Traveser Driver C/H
Peter Collis Traverser Gang  C/H Traverser Gang  
Ted Fagan ? Traverser Gang  
Lional Ford Slinger Yard  
John Hall Truck Driver Yard  
Brian Hampton Truck Driver Yard  
Dick Horton Traverser Driver Traverser Gang  
Charlie (Chaz) Houston Shunter Yard  
Gerald Jennings Laborour Yard  
Fred Kirby Scotcher Traverser Gang  
Chris Kingshot Truck Driver Yard  
Graham Langdown Traveser Gang Yard
Terry Lyons Cleaner Yard  
Mick Maloney Truck Driver Yard  
Gerry McCormack Traverser Gang Traverser Gang
Tom McCormack Traverser Gang (Capstan Operator) Traverser Gang  
Frank Metyear Slinger Yard  
Roger Mew Shunter Yard  
Robert (Bob) Northover Truckdriver Yard  
Ron Parker Traveser Gang Yard
Brynn   Petty Traveser Gang worked there for 15 years 1990-2005 i was a member of the last  (commonly known as the pull-up gang)
? Reed Flat Truck Driver    
Bob Simmonds Traverser Driver Traverser Gang  
Ray Smith Traveser Driver
I started as a cleaner on the coaches in 1972 and went on to work in the traverser gang moving coaches all over the works. I ended my days there as a traverser driver and left in 1989.
Danny Sweeny ? Traverser Gang  
Harry Tizzard Transport (C/H Night Shift) Yard  
Ricky Trayhorn Cleaner Yard  
A C Trayhorn Washer & Cleaner Yard  
Michael Weldon Traverser Gang C/H Traverser Gang  
Ken White Traveser Gang Yard
Robin Whitfiekd Traveser Gang Yard
Sham Wylde Scothcher Traverser Gang - sadly passed away