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Work Study

This department was set up and all the staff were appointed together. The initial training for Works Study

Practitioner was undertaken within the Training School at Eastleigh Training School. during the period

14th - 30th August 1967.  The instructors were brought in from Derby Training Centre

Christian Name Surname Trade Other Info Date Trained
Brian Adams Former Prgressman Sadly passed away 14th - 30th August 1967
Dave Adams Former Finished Work Inspector   14th - 30th August 1967
Colin Chandler Former Progressman   14th - 30th August 1967
Sid Cherrett Former Finished Work Inspector   14th - 30th August 1967
Derek Clare Former Finished Work Inspector   14th - 30th August 1967
Alan Croot      
Vic Cooper Former Instrument Repairer   14th - 30th August 1967
Ted Cox   Ivan Smith's second in command  
Arthur Crook      
Bob Dacombe Former Coach Finisher   14th - 30th August 1967
Malcolm Field Former Finished Work Inspector   14th - 30th August 1967
Ron Finney Former Finished Work Inspector   14th - 30th August 1967
Brian (Snowy) Foord      
Gordon Foreman      
Raymond Fry      
Terence Green      
Doug Hall Former Draughtsman Team Leader  
Peter Harding      
Bob Harman      
Fredrick House      
David Lacey      
Roger Lewis      
Peter Lovelace Former Draughtsman   14th - 30th August 1967
Michael Lucas      
Brian Manchee      
Alan Martin      
Dennis McGill      
Tom Paddock      
David Pemberton      
Charlie Prangle Former Technician   14th - 30th August 1967
Roger Rickman      
Clyde Robey      
George Robey Former Technician   14th - 30th August 1967
Malcolm Rummey      
Anthony Smith      
Ivan Smith Work Study Engineer Later moved to Redbridge Works (Southampton) as Works Manager 14th - 30th August 1967
Jim Smith Former Coach Finisher    
Ivor Stallard      
Lloyd Street Former Progressman Moved onto to become Works Manager/Managing Director 14th - 30th August 1967
Derek Styants      
Malcolm Tomlin      
Fred Waller Former Technician Later moved to Southern House, Croydon 14th - 30th August 1967
Bob Watts Former Progressman Went to work for Southampton Council 14th - 30th August 1967

 Work Study Practitioners Course - Work Measurement

Eastleigh Works 14th - 30th August 1967 (seating layout)

P.R. Lovelace
Leading Dragtsman
L.C. Prangle
  G.E. Robey
C.J. Chandler
F. Waller
  D.C. Adams
Finished Work Inspector
L. Street
R. Dacombe
M.J. Field
Finished Work Inspector
  V.P. Cooper
Instrument Repairer
R.W. Finney
Finished Work Inspector
B.E Adams
W.S. Cherrett
Finished Work Inspector
  D.B. Clare
Finished Work Inspector