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The Welders (42 Names)

Christian Name Surname Trade Notes
Andy Angel Welder  
C Bundy Welder  
Simon Condon Welder  
Mick Cook Welder built a trailer with Richard King (V/B) and I still have it and use it!
Ronald Deluchie Welder  
Chris Douse Welder  
Glen Judd Welder  
Pat Fogarty Linisher sadly passed away
Kevin Frost Welder  
Ken Glanville Welder  
Dave Goater Welder  
John Green Shot Blaster started with "Wessex Train Care" as a shot blaster/sprayer in the old 1 & 2 sheds, also the old van shop, after the contract with virgin Mk 2's I then landed up in the paint shop vehicle prepping, linishing & painting, as we carried out our jobs we had the pleasure of working in all areas across the whole site. They were great days with guys who loved a laugh and joke but who cared about their work, what a shame it all ended. Good site by the way keep it up i will visit again. John
Daryll Hall Welder  
Gordon Hardie  

started off in the training school in year 78/79 and ended up as a Cat 4 welder. 

I worked in the welding shop from 79 through to July 89. 

I departed to work as a technical officer in the Divisional Civil Engineers offices at Dundonald Road, Wimbledon in 89 then through various technical postings leading to my current post as Building Surveyor for Commercial Property, Network Rail, covering most of Wales, South West England up through M4 corridor into west London. 

Long way from pad welding loco brake gear in the welding shop!!  Now working as a  Building Surveyor

Ronald Harfield Welder  
Steve Humphries Welder  
Dave Ianson Welder


Steve Lewis Welder  
Alistair Law Welder  
Mark Legget Welder  
Billy Marr Welder  
Brian Martindale Welder charge hand
Ross Murdoch Welder  
Maurice Myers Shop Clerk  
  Paine Welder  
Alistair Ranger Welder  
T Reddington Welder  
John Robinson Welder Sadly passed away
Perry Roles Welder charge hand
Nigel Rothwell Welder (Had good times with Nigel - great bloke and brilliant welder authors comments)
Daryl Sangster Welder  
Hugh Semple Welder  
Darryl Sheperd Welder Started in 1990 as apprentice
Don Sparsholt Welder  
Paul Stanislas Welder  
C Stone Welder  
Paul Strugnell Welder  
Wayne Todd Linisher  
Steve Torode Welder 1980-2005 now working for Freightliner (15/10/07)
Stuart Vickers Welder  
Andrew Charles Wearn Shot Blaster Worked from 1986 until works closed (dob 7/4/1966
Ken White Welder Foreman