The Training School 

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The Works Training School


Photos of Training School Apprentice's 

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1958 Traning School  
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The Training School was opened by Sir Phillip Warteron on October 15th 1958.  This was the start of the the huge intake of new staff who, over the coming years, would cross the schools threshold and to begin their basic training and learn the required skills and competencies to repair, rebuild and maintain B.R. coaching stock and become qualified trades people.


Apprentice's entering the school would have the opportunity to visit all the sections within the school, which included, Electrical, Fitting, Woodwork, Sheetmetal, Maching, Trimming, Welding and Blacksmiths.  This would be complemented by attending college to learn the technical side of your designated trade and part of the requirement to become a tradesperson within the Works.

The apprenticeship would normally last 4 years although you would be classed as a tradesman on your 20th birthday, but have to attend college and successfully complete all exams.



Dave Pemberton (later to become an Instructor) Presenting Sir Phillip Warteron with a copper and brass Jug whilst Doug Coates, Chief Instructor, oversees.

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 The New Training School loo's!    Malcolm Fletcher Working!!!!!!!!

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I attended the Training School from September 1962 until August/September 1964. Unlike the rest of the lads at the school I was a CM&EE apprentice, training as a fitter. Unlike the rest of the lads who took up their chosen trade in the works, I went on to Eastleigh Diesel Depot and then spent time at many Southern Region depots to learn about all forms of traction. I returned to Eastleigh Works in 1967 for 6 months as part of the training programme. Fortunately I had a very successful and enjoyable railway career and whilst retired, still do a bit of consultancy.

 Like many people I do wonder how the “Class of ‘63” got on and wondered if you have any subscribers to your site that were my contemporaries? Perhaps you have a register of former apprentices? Do any records of the school survive?

 Thanks for your help in anticipation,

 Richard Bullard



Training School Names

Christian Name Surname Trade
Bob Avery                                   Sheet Metal
Roma Ayles Secretary
Colin Bond Electrician
Len                                       Clare Trimming



Woodwork / Paint Instructor (First Aider)
Doug Coates Training Officer (1958)
Norman Elford              Moulding & Tool Making (1958)
Don                       Fern  Lathe  Turning
Malcolm Field (Macfield) Module Traning
Brian Foord                                  Sheet Metal
Ron Ford                                    Electrical
Don French Clerk
Ted Gale Fitter/Turner


Groves Instructor (First Aider)
Jim                  Guyatt  Lathe Turning
Arthur Hawkes Electrician
Tom Heslop Caretaker


Hinds Chief Instructor
Ron IBell                                       Woodwork & Paint
Ernie Kitchen Caretaker
Brian Lisher                  Trimming
John Osborne Off the Job Trianing for V/B,s
Paddy                            O’Toole  Woodwork & Paint
Dave Pemberton Module Trining
Bob                       Plews  Lathe Turning (1958)
Bill Pidgeon                  Woodwork
Dennis Powell Module Training
Peter Rackham Electrician
John Powell                                   Trimming
Ken Smith  Training Officer (after Graham Taylor) also worked as trimmer and in Production Office - sadly passed away
Dave Stone                                  Sheet Metal
Harold Stone                                Trimming
Graham  Taylor Training Officer
Don Trenfield Woodwork
Terry Weedon Module Training
Donald Westerfoff Machinist
Martin White                               Sheet Metal
Horace Wood Module Trainer

When the Training school was closed as the apprentice intake was stopped, the Training Dept moved to the main office block and took on the responsibility for the training of the whole works.  The shop foreman would request training for their workers and this was left for the department to arrange.  A lot of training was performed "In House" with the training programmes developed by the training team.  Shortly after the move, a few apprentices were taken on each year, having their first years training undertaken by SETA at Millbrook, Southampton.

Training Department Names

Brian (Snowy) Foord Instructor
Don French Clerk
Jane Godden Clerk
Mark Hill Training Officer
Alan Mew Instructor
Tony Mazonowich Instructor (Temp)
Dave Pemberton Instructor (temp Training Officer)
Perry Roles Instructor (Temp)
Ken Smith Training Officer (after Graham Taylor)
Derek Styants Instructor
Graham Taylor Training Officer