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The Erecting Shop (12 names)

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From Left to Right

Chris Pollard - Eddy Shimmons (Charge Hand) - Ken Symes - Vince Walker - Ron Symes - Eric Lacey - Norman Jackson - Cliff Marks

With many thanks to Vince Walker for supplying the photo

Christian Name Surname Trade Shop Images Notes
Murray (was Jim) Allam Loco Works (fitter/erector) 1944-1949    
A few years ago met up with Keith Watson same age although we knew each other we were`nt on the same gangs.Both met up in late1950 as engineers with U-C line and for several months shared the same watch on the "Rochester Castle" lost touch and met up by chance and now meet from time to time.
Worked on Harry Frith`s gang in the erecting shop for a time etc:etc:
David (Dick) Burden Fitter Valve Setting Gang   started work with British Rail in 1952 until 1957, when I left to do my National Service.  After doing National Service I returned to the Erecting Shop Valve Setting Gang.  When steam finished in 1966 I went into the Diesel Shop, after which I worked two years in the Test Centre retiring at 59 in 1995. We moved to Wadebridge, Cornwall in 2005.  I enjoy looking at all the old photos on your Website.
Derek Cole   Erecting Shop   worked in the erecting shop from BRML 1973ish to ALSTOM 2000
Norman Jackson Fitter Erecting Shop    
Eric Lacey Fitter Erecting Shop    
Cliff Marks Fitter Erecting Shop    
John Marks Fitter Erecting Shop    
Bill Merryman Fitter Erecting Shop   Chargehand/Inspector, went on to become foreman in the Erecting Shop and later took the position as foreman in the Paint Shop. (added 18/11/07
Henry Charles  Packard, Fitter Erecting Shop   employed as office lad at Nine Elms 6/10/1893, became a fitter and retired in 1946 as a chargehand in the Erecting shop at Eastleigh.
Chris Pollard Fitter Erecting Shop   Worked for a while in Vehicle Builders Sadly Passed away
Eddy Shimmons Fitter Erecting Shop   Charge Hand
Ken Symes Fitter Erecting Shop    
Ron Symes Fitter Erecting Shop    
Vince Walker Fitter Erecting Shop    

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