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Progress Dept

With many thanks to Brian Lisher these 48 names from 1967 - 87

The Progress Dept, from what I remember (I spent a few months in there, with Len Forder and Alan Stuart, who constantly took the micky out of me - thanks to them and to Brian Lisher as I embarassingly had forgotten I worked with them!) went around the works chasing urgent orders, so you where friends (but mates to all) with no one coz they knew you were going to try to flutter your eye lids and get items repaired or manufactured quickly.

I have just realised too, that people moved around the works so much, some names may be listed in other places, so sorry for that, very difficult to keep tabs on everyone.

Christian Name Surname  
Reg Brisley  
Roy    Cook  
Reg Cooper  
Dick   Cranmer  
Ron Denyer  
Bill Draper  
Fred Draper  
Bill Eaton  
Len Forder   
Raymond Fry  



Bernard Harding  
Roger Harvey  
Ron Herridge  
Mick Horan  
Peter IBell  
Jack Jenvey  


Colin Lloyd  
Percy Love   
Jack Masonavich  
Sidney    Packard   
Len Payne  
Harry Pendreigh  
Bert Pennial  
Eric                                    Perrett  
Bill Pidgeon   
Lou Prior  
Reg   Randall  
Barrie Rawlings  
Peter Reeve  
Reg Rogers  
Joe Sargeant Sadly passed away in 1981
Bill Scott    
Barry Searle  
Peter Smith  
John Stanford  
Jack Smith  
George Stanmore  
Eric Stevens  
Mick Stokes  
Alf Stone  
Gerald Stone  
Lloyd Street  
Alan Stuart  
John Ward  
Fred Welby