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Gallery Page 9


If you know anyone who is in these photos, please contact us

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All names are labelled left to right starting from the back row
Len Legg's Retirement Party (supplied by Brain Lisher)
in the Progress office with the Progress Inspectors at the time.
Brian Lisher, Harry Prendreigh, Len Payne, Jack Jenvey, Albert Velvick, George Stanmore, Reg Brisley, Fred Wellby, Gerald Stone, Len Forder, Len Legg, Reg Rodgers, Joe Sargeant, Gordon Case, Ron Denyer, Percy Love, Roy Cook, Jack Smith, Reg Cooper, Bill Scott
3rd June 1987 Long Service Award - Windsor sent by Brian Lisher)

?...., Gerald Stone, Tony Winkworth, ...?..., ...?..., ...?...,Keith Hargraves, Bob Harman, Tony Lassiter, John Ranger, Clyde Robey, ...?..., John McGill, ...?..., ...?..., ...?..., Joe Cheater, Don Kingshot, Brian Foord, George Gale, ...?..., Colin Maidment, Dave Tolfree, ...?..., ...?..., ...?..., Brian Garney, Peter Petifer, ...?..., Bert Shelley, Brian Smith, ...?..., Slim Haynes, Lorna, Malcombe Stainthorpe, Mrs Stainthorpe, Janet Sharp, Billy Carter, Colin Asprey.)

The following photos have kindly been supplied by Brian Dear
Brian Dear in Action?
The Electrical Test Houses
The Diesel Test House
The Van Shop (Southampton Side?)
A man on a mission!
View towards Vehicle Builders offices
The Main Crossing
View down through Tin Shop
View across to Van Shop