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Many Thanks to Stewart Waghorn for these Photos, brought back some happy memories for me, hope they do for you too!        contact us

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Garage where fire engine used to live (0565)
View towards the main offices from V/B Office end of works (0564)
View down Lift Road for Tin Shop end of Works (0551)
Lift Road towards the C1 Stripping Area (0554)
Main Cross Roads where the "Bun Run" used to be (0559)
View from old Lino Stage towards door hanging gang (I spent many a happy hour on the wall side, hiding and doing "Homers") (0561)
View towards V/B Office from Lino Stage Graham Hunt used to walk a groove in the staging! (0562)
Mk 11 & 111 Refurb Area (0534)
Lord Nelson during boiler refit (0546)
Lord Nelson
Sawmill which was turned into the Plastic Shop (0560)
Van Shop Annexe (0567)