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The Fitting Shop (25 names)

Thanks to Alan Vine for sending in 17 names for this page


Christian Name Surname Shop Notes
Barry   Brake Equipment Real Ale fanatic
Steve Allen Tool Room  
Colin Boocock   co-author of the History of Eastleigh Locomotive Works
Ron Davies Brake Equipment Foreman
Tony Dear Lift Shop 1980 - 1989
Jim Gibbins Brake Equipment  
Kevin Gough Brake Equipment  
Paul Hinton Brake Equipment  
Andrew Jennings   1991 - 2005
Dave Kemish Fitting Shop  
Graham Lewis Brake Equipment  
Dave Line Brake Equipment  
Alan Long Fitting Shop Foreman  
Steve Long Fitting Shop  
Barney Lowe Brake Equipment  
Keith Melhuish Brake Equipment Charge Hand
Moulton diesel shop & brake & equipment
loco fitter charge hand,  took redundancy 1994
Johnny Moore Brake Equipment  
Gary Parfitt   Inspector
Ian Pennal    
Harold Pemberton Fitter Came down from Crewe
Jim Read Brake Equipment ex Doncaster
John (Simo) Simmonds Brake Equipment  
Keith Swatton  
worked in the loco from 1954-1964 and would be interested to know if there are any of us still around.
I served my time as a Fitter Turner around the same  time as Colin Boocock the co-author of the History of Eastleigh Locomotive Works
Ken Symes Brake Equipment  
Ron Symes Erecting Shop  
Alan Vine Brake Equipment At Easteigh from 1979-80, and again 1984-1993, mainly spent in the brake equipment section.