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The Electricians (210 names)

To see some photos of Electrical Area click here

Christian Name Surname Shop Notes
Clive Adams Electrical Tester  
Brian Adlam    
John Allen    
John Allen    
Steve Allenby    
Len Amey Chargehand Cubicle Gang  
Terry Angel Electrical Tester  
Chris Appleton
Andy Atkinson    
Martin Ball Electricians Joined as an apprentice in 1974 and ended up as an electrician! Left in 1980, never left the rail industry. Now working as a draughtsman for Atkins Rail (11/10/07)
Wilf Barrett   Worked his whole life in the works. He retired in 1984 as Chief Superintendent. Sadly he died in September 2006. He was very proud of Eastleigh Works and his working life spent there
Paul Barker    
Alan Bartlett    
Roger Belcher Electrical Tester Worked at Eastleigh for 41 years and as an Electrical tester
Ray Bennett    
Fred Betts Chargehand Diesel Gang  
Ron Blackman (Blackie )    
Graham Blakely    
H Bonnett Electricians  
Robert Bragg   Working at Siemens
Steve Bramham    
Bill Brown Electrical Tester  
Paul Buckland    
Mick Buckley        Working at FSL
L Bundy Electricians  
T Butler Electricians  
Mark Burbridge Electrical Tester Working at Salisbury Depot (as at Jan 08)
Bobby Burrows    
Fred Burwood    
Roy Burwood Chargehand Generator Gang  
Keith ( gonzo ) Carrott    
Pat Carter    
Dave Carson Electricians 1990 - 2005
Paul Chaffers    
Derek Chalk    
John Chapman    
Peter Cheeseman   Sadly passed away
Don Chisholm Electrical Tester Working at VT
Dave Chivers    
Terry Clark    
Bootsie Clarke    
Graham Clements    
Tommy Cockerel    
James Collins    
F Compton Electricians  
Terry Conroy    
Carl Copini    
Alan Cousins    
Alf Creecy Chargehand Diesel Gang  
Colin Cummins    
Ken Curtis   Sadly passed away
Steve Curtis Electrical Tester Working for Seimens
Terry Curtis    
Dickie Davis Electrical Tester  
Wayne Davis   Working at VT
Brian Dear Electricians  
Dave Dowling    
Chris Drew Electrical Tester  
James (Jimmy) Dunlop   now working for BT
Glen Eaton    
Mark Eden    
John Elkins    
Keith Emery  (Balloon Boy)    
John English Electricians Sadly Passed away
Tony English    
John Farmer    
Glen Farr    
Peter Ffan    
Mick Fields    
Malcom Fletcher    
Dave Folland Electrical Superviser  
Keith Folland    
Gary Ford    
Ron Ford Electricians  
Dave Foster Electrical Tester  
Jim Foster    
Ray Fry Electrical Tester  
Dave Garrahan    
Andy Gavitas    
Roger Gerrard (Brigadier )    
Nigel Goff    
Ian Hall    
Paul Hanson    
Ian Harding    
Dolly Harmer    
Colin Harris    
Steve Harrison    
Bill Harvey    
Paddy Hasker    
Gary Hawkins    
Mick Hawkins    
Melvin Hellard (Biggie) Electrical Tester  
Ron Hill    
Dickie Hinton    
Dave Hinvess    
Alan Hockey    
John Holland    
Zach Hughes    
Steve Hunt   Working at VT
Des Hutchinson Electrical Superintendent  
Roy Ingram    
John Jackson    
Chris Joiner Electrical Tester  
Steve Jose    
Ron Keeler    
Steve Kezzner    
John Kinchinton Electrician  
Dave King    
Ron King Chargehand armature gang  Sadly passed away
Keith King   Sadly passed away
Colin Knapp    
Paul Knight    
Charlie Knight    
Pat Lacey Electrical Tester  
Aubrey Lambert    
Peter Lambert    
Steve Lavery (Bones) Electrical Tester  
Dick Lawrence   Working at VT
George Lee    
Ian Lefonte    
Roy Leverington    
Jeremy (Jerry) Light Armature (armchair) Shop I was an apprentice at
the BREL training school circa 1978 and subsequently employed as an electrician shop, the container shop and finale on the carriage gang with Alan Wiseman as chargehand. I left in 86 but still keep in contact with a few of the ex apprentice's. I firmly believe that the BREL training was second to none and the knowledge
imparted to me by some of the "old timers" is something a modern
training scheme could never equal. The loss of the tradesmen and women at Eastleigh was a huge loss to British industry and I dont think it can ever be replaced.
Chris Linter    
Jason Liversage   Working At Siemans
Ian Long    
Ken Lynham Electrical Tester  
Stuart Mags    
Andy Maher    
Stuart Martin    
Len Martin (Pincher )    
Kim Mathews    
Dave Mawhinney    
Don May Electrical Tester Retired
Ken McGuiness   Working at VT
Roy Meachar   sadly Roy passed away in Sept 2000
Steve Meachar   now working for BT since leaving Eastleigh in Nov 1987
Gordon Merrit    Electrical Foreman  
Pop Merrit Electricians  
Mick Middleton    
Adrian Miles   Working at Siemans
Steve Miller ( circus boy )    
Paul Moon    
Ray Moore    
Chris Moore    
Neville Morley    
Jenny Morris    
Robert Morris Electricians Mate  
Ron Muns    
Don Nias    
Geoff Nichols    
Steve Ohara   Working at VT
Brian Oldstock (Oddsocks )    
Marc Osman   1975 and 1989. I was a sparky who went through the training school 1975/76. Now in Canada. Best wishes to all there. Marc Osman
Ian Packard electrician I. W. E., and progress dept 1964 to 1974
Robert ,  Packard Electrician loco works 1960/s- Sadly Passed away
Terry Page Electrical Foreman  
Gordon Palmer Electrical Tester Sadly Passed away 2007
Simon Parker    
Brian Passotti    
Steve Peacock    
Phil Peart (Pompey Lill) Electrical Tester  
Steve Percy (Chutney) Electrical Tester Working at Siemens
Bob Perkins    
Roger Perkins    
Graham Picket    
Gary Porter    
Andy Powell    
Peter Prangle    
Chris Quentin Electricians  
Trevor Ralph   Working for BT as at May 09
Keith Reddington Electrical Tester  
Leyton Robinson Electricians started as a electrical apprentice in 1992 and took the redundancy in 1998.Currently working for Siemens at Northam.(25/11/07)
Dave Roe    
Roy Rogers Electrical Tester Retired
Ronald Rowland   Chargehand armature gang Sadly passed away
Martin Rummey    
Stuart Saberton   Working for BT as at May 09
Micky Salter (Saltbag )    
Kevin Sargeant Electrician Motor Gang Left 1999 in Training School 1975
George Shaw    
Stan Shepherd    
Steve Slade   Working at Salisbury Depot
Brian Smart    
Smudge Smith Chargehand Motor Gang  
Alan Smith    
Jimmy Somerville    
Ian Southwell    (Scuds )    
Ronald Sparkman Electrical Tester  
Stan Spratt              
Dencham Stone    
Martin Symes    
Steve Tapp    
Len Targett    
George Taylor    
Roger Taylor    
Mally Telford    
Andy Thorne    
Ted Tiller  
Ted to me was always known as Uncle Ted ,he was an old family friend of my fathers (Roy Meacher, ex electrician ) . I am still in contact with Ted who for many years now has been residing in ADELAIDE Australia with wife Jess enjoying life and retirement
Steve Meacher 
Mick Toon    
Andy Toye  (Toyboy )    
Arthur Unsworth    
Andy Vining    
Tony Wade   Worked as an electrician between 1959 - 1986. He left to become a printer in London for News International and retired from there in 2005. He still lives in Eastleigh, and has been married for 40 years and has 3 children
Dave Watson    
Chris Webb  (Sooty)    
Dave (woofer) Wells    
Barry West Electrical Tester  
Alan White    
John White    
Roger White           
Paul Whitehouse    
Mark Wilcox    
Rob Wilkinson Electricians Started in 1990 as apprentice now in Australia
Fred Willis Chargehand armature gang   Sadly passed away
Tug Wilson Electrical Tester  
Graham Winter Electrical Tester Living in New Zealand
Lee Winter Electrical Tester Working at VT
Eddy Wood    
Brian Woods    
Trevor Woodward