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Contributors Page


Special Thanks go to the following people for their contribution to this site (in no particular order), who, without their help, would not hold as much information as it does .

I would like to give a very special mention to Brian Lisher, who has sent so much information.  Giving hundreds of names, he has worked so hard contributing to this site, and the last time I remember speaking to him was during my apprenticeship, but thanks for all the time and effort you have put in Brian! I am so very grateful!  Alan

Dave Vaudin for the photo on the Vehicle Builders page (July 08)

David Effamy for some names and Photos Gallery Page 1 (July 08)

Liz Hutchinson for some names (July 08)

Ann Wearn for some names (July 08)

Chris Smith for pictures on Gallery Page 8 (April 08)

Brian Dear for picture on Gallery Page 9 (April 08)

Alan Vine for names on the Fitters Page (April 08)

Dusty (Kevin Williams) for names for the Lift Road page

Andy Key and Roger Beach for photos on Gallery Page 8 and names for training school 78 -79

Ray Smith for names on Gallery Page 3 (2/3/08)

Ken Hunt - for helping to get this site going

Norman King - for helping to get this site going

Lillian Bannell for the names of the people from Accounts on Offices page 1/3/08

Michael Parker for names on the Gallery page 1

Jean Potter and Mrs Salisbury for names for the Polishing Shop

Tony Mazonowicz for names of Coppersmiths (Millwrights Page)

P.R. Lovelace for some names and poems

Ray Smith for names and photos for the Traverser's Gang (The Yard Page)

Roger Belcher, Don Chisholm and Reece Dominy for nearly 200 names for the Electricians Page

Richard Moody for names for the Light Platers

Roy Burton for his Memories (click to go to this page)

Lionel Monckton (78 names for the Stores/Supplies Dept added 3/12/07)

Stewart Waghorn for some photos taken just before the works shut

Vince Walker for loads of stuff

Brian Foord for loads of stuff

Don French for loads of stuff

Dave Pemberton for loads of stuff

Paul (Bob) Smith for loads of stuff

Ken Hunt for loads of stuff

Brian Lisher for loads of stuff

Ron Ford

Ian Caspall for some names

Rocky Garrett for photos

Georgie Sharpe for some names for the offices

Ann Green

Lesley Simpkin

Ron Shepperd

John Scarbro

Peter Cooper

Karen Pickett

Roger Belcher

Dave King

Steve Lambert for names for the Stores (plus more in Feb 08)

Alan Haymer for names for training school page

Martin Ball for names of training school page

Geoff Clarke

Colin Lee for photos and names for training school page

Alistair Law for names of Welders

Eastleigh Borough Council for adding this site to theirs

Colin Duff for adding this site to theirs