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The Planning Office (24 names)

Christian Name Surname Notes
Paul Bannell  
George Bevis  
Frank Bondsfield  
Amanda Carter  
Martin Childs  
Alan Croot  
Dave Dray  
Les Edwards  
Lynn Effamy (Daughter of Gordon V/B) worked at the railway for 10 years and spent time in the offices in the workshop, then moved over to the planning office in about 1990
Norman Elford  
Jennifer Flinter  
Dave Folland  
Audrey Hall  
Colin Heatherington  
Liz Hutchinson Also worked in Stats Office and Commercial Dept 1982 -2006
Les Hurbert  
Alison James  
Lorraine James  
Alan Martin  
Norman Meacher  
Horace Meech  
Craig Morgan  
Roger Rickman  
Brian Robinson  
Fred Sayers  
Georgie Sharpe  
Gordon Shelley  
Karen Smith  
Ken Smith Also Training Dept Manager
Clare Walker  
Martin White  
Nobbie Woods