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The Lift Road (30 names) supplied by Dusty (Kevin Williams and David Effamy)

Christian Name Surname Trade Notes
Charlie   Slinger  
Bob     Labourer
Eddie     Charge Hand - Lifters
Steve (Striker) Adams Striker "I was called striker, dont think some of the railway chaps know my real name  ha ha!"
Barry Blackman Fitter  
Robbie Brennan    
Charlie Davis Fitter  
Tony Dear    
Bob Dunford    
Dave Effamy Fitter worked at Eastleigh 1984 - 2005
Mark Huthcings    
Sean Kilmartin    
Bob Lane Chargehand  
Bob Luffman    
Brian Nias   Foreman
Jim Nias   Foreman
Bob Northover    
Nick Northover    
Bill Morton    
Dave Murphy    
Leon Nunn  

Joined in 1978 and left in 2005 due to redundancy. Played football for the works team and we were national champs in the 90's. Ended up on inspection, now working for network rail as an ultrasonic track inspector. (added 2009)

Colin Pitcher Brake Fitter C/H (aka woolly hat)
Barry Schutterlin Fitter  
Keith Schutterlin Crane Driver  
Russell Shepherd Slinger  
Sidney Shepherd Slinger  
Pete Smith   Foreman
Derek Thomas Fitter  
Kevin (Dusty) Williams Pipe Fitter  
Stan Withyman Pipefitter