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This site is dedicated to the men and women who have worked at Eastleigh Works.  All contents of this site have been compiled in good faith and the author apologises for  any errors or incorrect information.

The site is really just a record of names of the people who worked at Eastleigh Works

This has been a very long process and if you know of any errors or know of anyone else who has worked at Eastleigh Works, please contact us with as many details as possible (which can be shared publicly) and if you have any photographs which we would be able to consider for inclusion, that would be a great help (although we cannot guarantee we will use them - mainly due to space and copyrights).

If you are visiting this site, it is most likely that you worked or knew someone who worked at Eastleigh Works and if you can help with any stories, funny, sad or serious, or just a few thoughts of working life, please contact us and I will try to add it to this site, but no promises given. 

New! Employment Register

Our sincere thanks to Dave for the incredible job he has done transcribing the 2570 names from an employment register for Eastleigh Works dating from July 1874 - August 1930.  He has spent many hours doing this job and also we offer many thanks to Jenny for letting him do it!

To view these pages please click the links below but please be patient as they may take a while to load as there are 300 names per page, thanks!

Ledger Page 1 Ledger Page 2  Ledger Page 3 Ledger Page 4 Ledger Page 5 Ledger Page 6 Ledger Page 7 Ledger Page 8 Ledger Page 9

New Page - Listing people who worked in Works Study from the outset in August 1967

Click the button below and click on SLIDESHOW to view 454 images of Eastleigh works.  This came from the DVD which all members of staff were given, just before the works closed with many thanks to Vince Walker for sending in a copy.

Click here to see a Slide Show - 435 images

LAST UPDATED 19th February lots of names added and more photos real soon and a few new pages too!

Murray (Jim) Allam's Magic Memories - will make you smile!

Tom Thorne remembers Campbell Road

Does anyone remember Richard Bullard, CM&EE Apprentice in 1962-64? Click here to see some notes from Richard (and scroll down the page)

Thanks to Trev Ward for filling in some gaps for names on the Training School Page 1978 - 79

Names to the Fitting Shop  Pictures on Gallery Page 8 - Thanks to Chris Smith

Pictures on Gallery Page 9 - Thanks to Brian Dear

Picture on Gallery Page 10 - Thanks to Trev Newstead

Tin shop   Planning  Stores  Offices  Polishing Shop

New page  thanks to Andy Key for the photos on this page Gallery Page 8 & Page 9 - thanks to Brian Lisher

We now have 1775  Many thanks for all of your help!

New Pages:     Lift Road    Blacksmiths      Wheel Shop     Works Managers and Assistants   Gallery Page       Progress Dept       Planning Office

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Eastleigh Works still very much Alive!

I would like to share a very important email that I have received from Mr Bruce Knights of Knights Rail Services who have done an amazing job keeping the works open, to visit Knight Rail Services website please click the link http://www.rail-services.net/ (very soon to be updated).  Since the receipt of this email (23/10/10), Bruce has kindly said that he will prepare a short update of the works and this will be posted on the web site in the near future.

I canít help being impressed by your website and the high level of importance everybody attaches to the Works and the time they spent there. However, it must be worth stating somewhere on the site that the Works is still open, employing staff ( and apprentices)  and overhauling locos, EMUs and coaching stock.  

Obviously we canít fully recreate the glory days of the 20th century, not least because Alstom did such a good job of selling off and otherwise destroying so much vital infrastructure and equipment. However, when I look at Chris Smithís pictures on page 8 of the gallery showing the Erecting and Carriage Lift shops empty, I do feel that its worth talking about the present. To give an idea of what we do, Iíd point people in the direction of Carl Watsonís excellent website www.carlswaton.com/trains/html which is stacked full of pictures showing the Works doing exactly the kind of jobs that former employees recall. In fact quite a number of the current workforce are ex Alstom / WTL /BRML people.

 By all means look back with nostalgia at the past times. But donít forget that by dint of a lot of hard work Eastleigh is the only main Works open in the South of England and is doing work that is much closer to its original purpose than the last few years of its life before 2006. At any one time we have up to 3 of the SW mainline EMUs in for maintenance in the former erecting shop, whilst the Freightliner work is now carried out in the Lift Shop.

 To give a flavour of the type and level of work that is undertaken on site, a few notable events from the past 7 days are

  • Delivery of 3 x 08 shunters for full overhaul
  • Weekly changeover of 444 unit for C4 on Monday morning.  
  • Delivery of 14 Freightliner container wagons for general maintenance and repair, and collection of 8 repaired wagons
  • Delivery of  4 x 66s for maintenance and storage
  • Delivery of 20 coil carrier wagons for assessment, repair of 6 and the rest into store
  • Upgrading and overhaul of 2 x Mk 1 translator vehicles to provide self power and B4 bogies
  • Maintenance of 07 shunter including new brake blocks, fan bearings and contactor overhaul     
  • Asbestos removal from Cylinders of Schools class 925 Cheltenham prior to overhaul
  • School visit to show loco children around the Works

And all this within the space of seven days!

 So by all means remember the glory of the Works in days gone by. But donít write the Works of as dead and buried - we are alive and thriving".   

  Please feel free to reproduce this email on your excellent website if you think it would be of interest

Bruce Knights

Knights Rail Services Ltd

 I am sure all visitors to this site and ex employees would agree with me and wish Bruce and his team all the very best of luck for the future and hope the works can remain open for many years to come!

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Family History

We have been getting many queries from people researching their Family History and whilst we will try to help where we can, we cannot and are not a site which is able to add too many more queries as you will appreciate, this site takes many hours to update.  I have, however, added a few queries and if you are able to help, please email us and we will pass your information on to those concerned.

Can anyone help Carol with any information regarding Ernest Edgar Lay? If so, please let us know and we will forward it on to her


I have just found my grandfather, Ernest Edgar Lay, Holder-up in your employment ledgers.  My grandparents lived at 132 Campbell Road, the last house in the street and although my grandfather died when I was very young I have fond memories of visiting my Nan until she could no longer live on her own which must have been sometime in the 1950s.

The magic of arriving by train and taking a taxi the length of Campbell Road, which felt miles long, listening to the trains shunting when I was in bed, walking down to where the turntable turned the huge locomotives round, the back alleys where I played with the local children and the allotments, but the memory that lingers longest is of the factory whistle and all the men riding out to lunch on their bikes.

My brother and cousin being slightly older than me used to escape and sneak over to play on the 'lines', much against parental guidance, laying pennies on the track to be squashed by the trains and retrieving the flat ones when the train had passed!

My Grandfather also coached the local runners in the Athletics Assoc, I have a badge with his details on.

Does the Working Mens Club still exist, I wonder if they have any historical photos.

Keep up the good work.

Carol Johnson

Do you know anything about Leonard James Perry?  Please see Judy's email and let us know if you can help and we will pass your message on, thanks!

My grand father I think joined the works after the first world war. He was a blacksmith and his name was James Leonard Perry. As far as I can tell he worked there until he retired. He lived in Desbrough Road Eastleigh. He died in 1953.

My dad did his apprenticeship at the works my mum can remember he went to Southampton Tech 2 nights a week while he was working there. He was born in 1914 so I should think he started work about 1929 or 30. He moved to Hamble about 1937 when he left the Eastleigh works. His name was Leonard James Perry.

My dad had 2 brothers but I do not know if they worked at Eastleigh their names were Percy and Reginald Perry.

I would be most grateful if you can find any thing out for me it is very sad that maybe the old records of the works have disappeared. I will put together a short message together for the web site and e-mail it later.

Thank you once again


How about Kathleen Vince, French Polisher?

Dear Sir, 

Does anyone remember Kathleen Vince, French polisher, my Mother at the Eastleigh Carriage works? She worked there through much of the war and up to the 'last day of steam' which I was there for. She also did a lot of work for then "Fur and Feather" collections, making cakes etc.

Any recollections or pictures would be gratefully received. 

 Thank you. Robert Vince. 

I am trying to trace relatives who worked at Eastleigh about 1955 to 1970?
Frank Glassby. My Grandfather also would have worked there to having transferred from Nine Elms in London after the 2nd World War. He was Frank too. I believe that they both worked in the Pattern Shop.  I have visited Eastleigh but the museum is closed when I attend. Both relatives are buried in the Cemetery on the right heading out of Eastleigh towards the M3.
I appreciate any help you may be able to give.

David Varlow



would you know if you have any pictures of David Horton. He is my dads son Dick Horton he work at  Eastleigh railway works until 1993 . where sadly he was killed in a car/bike accident on his way to work.  I can not remember which department he worked in , I know its a long shot, but it was so lovely to see my dad stood with his mates at work..



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Thanks to:

Sue Alcock for names on Gallery Page 3 and Galley Page 5

Dusty (Kevin Williams) for
Lift Road

Andy Key for photos on Gallery page 8 and Roger Beach helping Andy put names to faces on Training School 78 - 79

Lillian Bannell for the names of people in the Accounts Dept added to the Offices page

Stewart Waghorn for the Gallery Page 7 photos

Ray Smith for names and photos of the Traverser gang (added to the Yard Gang page

Roger Belcher, Don Chisholm and Reece Dominy for nearly 200 names for the Electricians Page

Lionel Monckton for the 78 names for the Stores page

Brian Lisher - Trimmers details and names and giving 48 names for the new Progress Dept Page

Bill Laishley for sending loads of names through for the Vehicle Builders Page

Vince Walker for supplying names, corrections and a photo for the new Erecting Shop page and the DVDs 

Bob Smith for the aerial photo of the works on "The Works Page"

Martin Ball for Names on the  1974 - 75 Training School page

Special Thanks go to: 



Don French, Brian (Snowy) Foord and Dave Pemberton

And  "The Cottage" (A nice pub in Butlocks Heath, Southampton, where much reminiscing of our days at Eastleigh Works took place and the idea of this Website was decided)

Ken Hunt, Paintshop



Norman King, Paintshop

Brian Lisher Trimmers
                           Hampshire County Council  
       Eastleigh Borough Council 
A History of Eastleigh Site http://eastleighso50.tripod.com/
    Southern Electric Group
Carl Watsons Photos www.carlswatson.com/trains.html

Rail Logistics link www.raillogistics.co.uk

 Knights Rail Services Logo  http://www.rail-services.net/



This site is for you!

To give you the chance the walk down memory lane of that place we all used to love to hate.

It takes a long time to put this together and it cant be done or made better without your help!

So if you see a picture of someone you know on here, let us know if you recognise them and we haven't named them.

Or if something on this site helps to bring back a memory, please, give others a chance to wander down memory lane with you and share your photos or stories, funny, sad, or serious, we don't mind, but please SHARE!

simply contact us

and I will try to add your bits too!


More Thanks:

Andy Key for the photo on Gallery Page 8

Ken Hunt and Norman King for getting together with me at Kens house and going through the paint shop names

Thanks to Alan Vine for sending in names for the Fitters Page

Chris Smith for pictures on
Gallery Page 8

Brian Dear for picture on
Gallery Page 9

Colin Lee for sending the missing Training School photo for 1979 - 80 and supplying the photo and names for the
Paintshop Page


If anyone sees anything which they feel is too personal on this site and they are not happy with, please let me know and I will remove it, especially photographs.

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